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Why Sunday Skin Co.’s “Radiance Elixir”?

We pride ourselves on letting you all know that this little bottle contains 100% natural/organic ingredients- meaning no nasties or fillers. Just pure, powerful, plant-rich ingredients.

We use only the highest quality oils & essential oils that have been carefully selected, each boasting their own unique properties in perfecting your complexion.

It is also vegan friendly and cruelty free - I mean,  why wouldn’t you want to get your hands on a bottle of this liquid gold..


How will my skin benefit?

  • deeply hydrating
  • regulates oil production & assists in drawing out excess dirt, preventing future breakouts
  • removes dead skin cell build up
  • anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties
  • regenerates skin cells
  • improves skin’s firmness & elasticity
  • tightens and refines pores
  • assists with preventing signs of premature aging
How do I use it?

Cleanse the skin and gently pat dry. Apply 3-6 drops to your face (you might use more or less depending on your skins needs- experiment until you find what works best for you) and massage well into your skin, making sure you concentrate on any problematic areas, including all the crevices around the nose, chin & jaw, as well as around the eyes to help penetrate all that anti-aging goodness deep into the skins layers!

Do this each morning and again before you go to sleep at night.

That is literally it. No other moisturisers or serums needed! Simplicity is our thing, and simplicity we will give you.

Say goodbye to 6-step skin care systems!


I have oily/acne prone skin- won’t applying an oil make it worse?

Hand on our heart, we can tell you this is a complete MYTH!

When your skin is lacking hydration, is unbalanced, the pores are clogged & congested, it goes into overdrive- that’s when the excess oil (sebum) and acne start to rear their ugly heads.

ENTER : Our Radiance Elixir.

We have created a blend that is incredibly nourishing and hydrating for the skin- without the oily slick. As mentioned earlier, we have carefully selected each ingredient and mixed the perfect amounts, to ensure it will bring out the absolute best in your complexion- a product that will purify, renew and refresh.


Will my skin break out when I start using it?

It may, it may not. Everyone’s skin is different in the way it reacts to introducing new products. For some, a purge may occur and can last from anywhere between 1-3 weeks. If this is the case, don’t freak out. Remember it is simply the skin’s way of clearing out any underlying congestion while it is getting used to a new product and skin routine.

TIP: Be mindful of the amount you’re using as well, it could be as simple as using slightly less than what you have been. Be consistent with use and persevere - we promise you won’t be disappointed! ♡


Is your Elixir suitable to put on before applying make up?

Yes! We have actually had a few beauties mention how much they love the way their make up goes on and lasts throughout the day, no blotting paper needed - so it doubles as a primer as well! Be sure to use your Elixir about 10 or so minutes before you start your make up application, so it has settled well into your skin.


Will I need any other products?

Just an epic cleanser of your choice, and let’s not forget a good SPF for during the day!